Honourable Justice

Honourable Chief Justice

Mr. Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi

Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi
Father's Name:
Prof. Masood Ahmed Abbasi (Advocate)
Date of Birth:
16th June, 1963 at Karachi.
Academic Qualification:
B.Sc; LL.M; MPA (Masters of Public Administration)
Enrolled As An Advocate:
  • In District Courts, since April 1990
  • In High Court of Sindh, since December 1992
  • In Supreme Court of Pakistan, since 29th April 2006
Experience in Legal Profession:
  1. Started Legal Practice as a Taxation & Corporate Laws Consultant in the year 1988 in the Chambers of his illustrious father Professor Masood Ahmed Abbasi Advocate, one of the pioneers on tax side, whose law firm was established in 1949 under the name & style of M/S Abbasi & Company Advocates.
  2. Appointed as Legal Advisor to Income Tax Department, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Government of Pakistan in the year 2000 till his elevation to High Court of Sindh
  3. Also appointed as Advocate on Penals of Custom Central Excise & Sales Tax Department, Government of Pakistan, Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan and House Building Finance Cooperation, Government of Pakistan.
  4. Remained as an Honorary Law Reporter of Pakistan Legal Decisions (P.L.D) and Pakistan Tax Decisions (P.T.D) till his elevation to High Court of Sindh
  5. Elected as Member Managing Committee of Sindh High Court Bar Association Karachi for the years 1998/1999 & 1999/2000. Also Elected as (un-opposed) Honorary Joint Secretary of Sindh High Court Bar Association Karachi for 2001/2002.
  6. Besides having conducted cases including Civil, Criminal & Service matters, successfully conducted a large number of cases in the Hon'ble Supreme Court, High Court, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Customs, Excise & Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal on behalf of Federal Board of Revenue, (FBR) Government of Pakistan.
  7. Contributed several articles & Research Papers on Taxation Laws which were all published in Law Journals i.e. Taxation, P.T.D. & English Daily Dawn. Also attended several Seminars & Workshops on Legal matters.
  8. Elevated as Additional Judge of Sindh High Court, on Friday 25th September 2009. Thereafter took oath as Judge of this court on Monday, 19th, September 2011.
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Judgments News